Local Employment Vacancies

At some time during most of our lives we will find ourselves unemployed, some for just a matter of days but for others, the period of unemployment could be much longer. Regardless of how long we are unemployed though, the period is probably one of the hardest times in our lives causing us stress and unease. It does not mean however that we have nothing to do as most of us will be busy during that time updating CVs, searching for job vacancies and hopefully attending lob interviews but unfortunately, we will not be getting paid for these tasks.

Any period of unemployment is one when money is scarce and making what little there is a stretch so as to be able to pay the bills and keep the family fed, is a task no one envies. The OFCCP though, an office within the Department of Labor, does issue advice for these periods in the hope to ease many of the unemployed burdens. The OFCCP (Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs), as part of the Department of Labor, has an interest in getting the unemployed re-employed and also, of course, some interest in their well-being whilst unemployed. The office, therefore, issues advice on some actions people should take when finding themselves unemployed and some of that advice is concerned with spending, saving and financial practices in general.

Although the OFCCP recommends being frugal until a new source of income is found, it also suggests the taking out of a loan to see you through until that time. Of course, any loan you did take out would have to be repaid but what they suggest is that once you have a date when you will be re-employed, you should then take out a loan for enough to see you through till that new job’s first payday. Of course, once you are working and more importantly, getting paid again, you can quickly repay the loan and continue with your life.

Although their financial advice may seem obvious to many, some of the other actions they take may be of more practical use to all. The primary task of the OFCCP is, as their name implies, to ensure any business doing business with the government, complies with all government rules, regulations and stipulations. This includes procedures to be carried out when hiring new employees. This means that the office is to be made aware of any new employment vacancies so they can follow up on ensuring correct practices are followed in hiring those new employees. The office takes advantage of this to create a Local Job Network.

The network is groups of areas which they use to divide the country and using their knowledge of new vacancies which appear for businesses employed by the government, they create listings of vacancies arising within each of those areas. These listings obviously cover a large number of varied businesses and so is perhaps one of the best places the unemployed should look at in order to find a suitable opening.